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KINGFISHER, Okla. – New details in the murder of a Kingfisher woman have reveal her boyfriend reportedly told police that he cut up her body and the remains are on two different properties.

Steven Stricker sits in the Kingfisher County jail without any formal charges, but he is admitting to police that he killed his girlfriend, Brenda Baber, inside their home.

A memorial now sits outside the Kingfisher home, reading #BreaktheSilence.

Only a few days ago, the Kingfisher front yard was a murder scene.

Baber’s sister hadn’t heard from her for a few days. When she went to the 56-year-old’s home on Thursday, still no answer.

Police were called in to help. They said 62-year-old Stricker answered the door.

Stricker told investigators that Baber wasn’t home when he got off of work, but friends and family told police she was “handicapped, restricted to her walker and unable to drive.”

The next day, police reportedly got a search warrant for the property, finding “a large amount of blood in the bathroom.”

Investigators also found bone fragments in the backyard garden, including “cranium fragments.”

While in custody, police said Stricker claimed his girlfriend of nearly a decade accidentally fell and hit her head in the bathroom. He then “panicked and admitted he dismembered and disposed of the body.”

During his confession to police, Stricker allegedly admitted to putting some of Baber’s body in a bag and throwing it in the trash.

The trash was picked up on Wednesday and taken to a landfill in Union City.

Kingfisher Police Chief Dennis Baker confirms investigators went to the landfill to search for Baber’s body, but “hundreds of thousands of tons of trash has been dumped” and finding any evidence was nearly impossible.

Court documents show Stricker pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges back in 2011 and, according to Baber’s family, the violence inside the home wasn’t a secret.

Formal charges are expected to be filed as early as Tuesday from the district attorney’s office.

Police said they are waiting to finish witness interviews.