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OKLAHOMA CITY,Okla.- Pedestal Oil plans to present a proposal at a public meeting Thursday that will make oil drilling and fracking just south of Lake Hefner possible.

Some are already voicing their concerns, but as of right now, nothing is for sure yet.

The trails and lake here at Lake Hefner could soon have a new backdrop on the horizon.

“Yesterday we learned that there would  be a public meeting Thursday night at the Will Roger’s conservatory center addressing a proposal from pedestal company to drill just on the South side of Lake Hefner,” Ed Shadid, councilman for Ward 2 says.

An email was sent to city officials ahead of the meeting. It proposes pedestal oil can lease land just south of the lake for oil and gas exploration.

Some key terms of the proposed lease include:

· Trail users protected during drilling operations by signage and a guard stationed at the trail crossing
· Roads restored
· Performance bond and beautification plan. Beautification proceeds if a producing well is developed.
· 21 percent royalty payment
· 3 year term
· OKC drilling regulations apply
· Dike wall, chain link fence and sound buffer
· Can drill up to five wells after initial well
· Directional drilling with fracking
“What’s concerning at this point is you have a decision with as many implications for the city and the neighbors of ward two that’s being held with only 1 week notice, a week before Christmas and with only representatives of Pedestal Oil company who potentially have a biased opinion because they would profit form the decision,” Shadid says.

This proposal was first brought up in 2011, but it fizzled out.

But in the email from the Utilities Director sent to officials is says “Administratively an agreement for contract terms including compensation has been developed.”

Without knowing the exact proposal, Ward 2’s councilman says he needs more information and has concerns.

“For the neighborhoods in ward two, it’s the sounds, the traffic, it’s damage to the area, it’s those, the thousands of people who use the trails in Lake Hefner, it’s any potential risk to the city’s water supply,” Shadid says.

The public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 18th at 6 p.m., at the Will Rogers Conservatory, 3400 NW 36th Street in Oklahoma City.

For a look at the official meeting notice, you can click here.

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