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COOKE COUNTY, Tex. — An oil spill near Gainesville, Tex. is being investigated by the Texas Railroad Commission.

The man who allegedly took video of the spill says he was just there to check out the flooding along Hickory Creek on Sunday.

“Did a little fishing and we checked out some hayfields. There was (sic) rumors there was floating hay bails, so we went to check that out,” the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

As he and his friends made their way through a flooded hayfield, he noticed oil in the water of Hickory Creek and started to record video. He says he posted the footage to Facebook for family and friends to see, while hoping officials would be notified.

The video has since gotten over 53,000 views…and a lot of backlash.

“It seems that there are more people concerned about making a big deal out of it than people actually want to make sure it gets cleaned up,” the man said.

Cooke County Emergency Manager Ray Fletcher says the spill occurred when an oil-holding tank tipped over off County Road 110.

The Texas Railroad Commission has taken over the investigation, though they said in a statement they don’t know how much oil was spilled.

Lease operator, Armor Petroleum, Inc. has deployed booms in the flood waters near Hickory Creek to contain the spill.

Luckily, the oil has not reached the Red River; Fletcher says the spill won’t have a big impact on the environment.

The man who shot the video says he’s just glad it got the attention of investigators.

“Who knows how far it could have spread or how bad it really is. Somebody did need to report it so that they could address the situation and get it took (sic) care of.”


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