OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Despite her young age, Nevaeh Alber, 7, is making a huge impact. Nevaeh spends countless hours in search of cans, placing them in pink trash bags, and cashing them in to benefit charities.

In her latest Pink Bag Project donation, Nevaeh gave 173 bags to the Oklahoma City Fire Department to benefit its program called “Aluminum Cans for Burned Children.”

Nevaeh Alber donates 173 bags of cans to OKCFD to benefit children burned in fires. Photo: OKCFD.

For her generosity and selflessness, Nevaeh was named the 2022 USAREC Military Child of the Year for children under the age of 12.

According to USAREC, Nevaeh’s “volunteer work included collecting and donating soda can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House Charities; making and donating blankets for children with cancer; collecting and donating over 4,000 diapers, baby wipes and pull-ups to a local parenting center; volunteering at local races and walks; and collecting and donating 5,000 feminine hygiene products to local schools and organizations.”

Nevaeh Alber created the Pink Bag Project to help charities. Photo: OKCFD

In the last year, she also collected sponsorships online, and donated 365 “Birthday Boxes from Nevaeh,” filled with toys for children whose parents are undergoing financial hardships, according to USAREC.

Officials with OKCFD say Nevaeh also wants to bring awareness to recycling, community involvement, and making a difference, no matter one’s age – and Nevaeh is a shining example!

Nevaeh Alber, wearing her Pink Bag Project vest. Photo: OKCFD