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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City boy became the youngest black college student in the state of Oklahoma. Elijah Muhammad is a 12-year-old home school senior but this week he became a freshman at Oklahoma City Community College.           

When he walked into his first class, he shocked his classmates.

“A bunch of them were like, ‘how old are you?’” said Muhammad. “Once I told them my age, they all got surprised.”

Muhammad enrolled in three classes as part of his major, which is cyber security.

“Computer hardware, intro to computer technology, and computer operating systems,” said Muhammad.

The young tween is a bit of an overachiever, but it runs in the family. His sister, Shania, became the youngest person to enroll at OCCC at 13-year-old. She was also the youngest to graduate, at 14, in May.

“We have a bunch of competitiveness,” said Muhammad. “But she really helps me out with a lot of my studying.”

Muhammad’s father, Elijah Sr., said his two youngest children compete against each other at almost everything.

“When he sees her accomplish certain things, he’s like I’m up next and I can do it,” said Elijah Sr. “We are the cheering section for our scholars.”

Dr. Vincent Bridges is OCCC’s vice president of academic affairs and said the landscape of college students has evolved.

“We’re going to see a lot more individuals showing that they are cognitively ready and want to take that step, just like Elijah,” said Bridges.

By the time Muhammad graduates he will out do his sister, becoming the youngest OCCC graduate at the age of 13. He has plenty of time for other activities besides schoolwork. He is a three-time state champion wrestler and he recently started his own clothing line called Smart Boy clothes.