OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It appears there may be light at the end of the tunnel for tenants at the Creekside Apartments in Oklahoma City, who say they’ve been without hot water for weeks.

“[For] about a month,” said Dawn Akey, a tenant. “No way to get hot water unless you boil it… It’s very, very frustrating.”

The apartments are owned by a company based in California called Capitol Homes Investments LLC. The company’s CEO and landlord of the Creekside Apartments, Jose Belman, told KFOR he “separated ways” with the complex’s property management company in Oklahoma City on Friday.

“That’s just a business decision and that’s what it is,” said Belman.

Belman claims he wasn’t aware of how atrocious the conditions were at the complex until hearing about it on the news. He told KFOR he’s learned the issue with the lack of hot water is that the complex’s boilers are in bad shape.

Now, he’s on a mission to get them fixed.

“We have a company that is there as of Friday… and they’re working over the weekend to give me an estimate, of course, to get that going,” said Belman. “I’m going to hold him accountable… We’ve got Easter weekend here, but we’re going to do our best to make it happen.”

Belman said the plan is to have the hot water working again by Friday, April 22. Then he will tackle all of the other plumbing issues.

“We’re going to get this rectified on a per unit basis… It’s very important,” said Belman. “I’m having my team inspect every unit and I want to see it.”