OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)- After a nine hour stand off between Oklahoma County deputies and a 49-year-old man, he now sits in the Oklahoma County Jail.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office attempted to serve Gary Shawn Wood a search warrant on the basis of drug trafficking.

Gary Shawn Wood. Image from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III said Wood then drove off.

One other male was in the vehicle with Wood, but did not have a warrant on him.

Deputies attempted to pull him over. “Wood then fled and circled back to the home,” Sheriff Johnson III added.

Wood ran into a parked RV on Southwest 16th and Pennsylvania. The RV was 18 inches from a home.

There was a female in the RV with Wood, according to Sheriff Johnson III, but she did not have a warrant on her either.

Deputies filled the RV with OC gas [tear gas] in an attempt to get Wood out of the RV.

“Wood got out of it, smashed the window into the home and went inside the home. Negotiators tried but were unsuccessful in getting Wood to come out or even speak with them,” stated Sheriff Johnson III. “We wanted this to end peacefully.”

The Oklahoma County tactical team lobbed several canisters of gas into the home as well, but were unable to force Wood out.

Around 8:30 p.m., the tactical team broke in the front door and “searched every inch of it for Wood.”

Law enforcement sawed a square sized piece out of the roof to stick a pole camera through to see if Wood was in the attic.

“There’s no good way to, you know, pied off that area. And so a hole was cut to then give us the ability to look in so that we can make a safe entry just to see if he was there,” said Sheriff Johnson III.

But Wood wasn’t in the attic.

“It would have had been under the cover of darkness Wood was able to get out of the house and then go back into the RV,” explained Sheriff Johnson III.

The homeowner, Garro Herbert was not home at the time of this stand off, but told KFOR he is outraged and ashamed with how law enforcement handled the situation, saying his house was left in a mass destruction.

“I know it’s at least five windows. And the damage to the roof, the damage to the siding and the shingles. And then, like I said before, they threw such an amount of pepper spray or smoke bomb, whatever that was. You can literally, if you got into the yard, you can still taste it this morning,” explained Herbert.

His brother who News 4 spoke with earlier declined to go on camera, but said if they need to replace the roof along with fixing the other damages, he believes it’ll cost around $12,000.

Sheriff Johnson III said Herbert can file a tort claim through Oklahoma County for damage repayment.

Herbert said he didn’t understand the need to cut a “massive hole” in the roof.

“There was no call for that. They had a search warrant. The front door was wide open. They have shields. If they were worried about that, they could have went in there. Nothing to worry about,” he added.

Sheriff Johnson III described the RV as dilapidated. There was a rotted out section in the RV he said Wood crawled into and hid in, covering himself up.

“One of the deputies was able to locate a slight hump in what was covering him and was able to see like, there’s something there and was able to pull that up. They obviously identified Wood. Wood then crawled under that rotted section and got from under the RV, [he] went to try and run away,” said Sheriff Johnson III.

Wood was quickly apprehended though.

Herbert said he has known Wood for many years as he used to attend school with Wood’s sister.

Wood would also stop by the house from time to time asking Herbert’s little brother if he had a car for sale, according to Herbert.

“He had no permission to be on that property whatsoever. No. Hands down. I know plenty of people that don’t mean they can come if they’re running from the cops. Do not come to my house. You’re not going to get in,” Herbert stated.

Herbert argued Wood never made it into the house though as he claims there wasn’t enough room for Wood to fit through the broken window.

K9 units were not on scene as Sheriff Johnson III explained that after lobbing canisters of tear gas into the area, it would have been “unpleasant” for the dogs as their noses are sensitive. He said the dogs would have been useless in a situation like this.

Herbert said K9 units should have been called in though as he believes a nine hour standoff would have ended in five minutes with the dogs.

Oklahoma City Police did assist in this situation as well as the SWAT team.

The street in which this stand off happened was closed off to the public and even residents due to it being an active crime scene. It was opened back up around midnight.

This will be Wood’s 23rd time sitting behind bars in Oklahoma County Jail. Most of Woods’ charges are criminal misdemeanors or criminal felonies.

Wood is facing charges for drug trafficking. Sheriff Johnson III said he may face charges for evading police as well.