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OKLAHOMA CITY — The City of Oklahoma City is now asking residents to voluntarily conserve water, especially water used to sprinkle the grass.

According to the OKC Water Department, about 60 percent of municipal water is used for outdoor watering.

Residents in several outlying areas of Oklahoma City are experiencing low-pressure during peak outdoor watering hours.

Residents, businesses, landscape maintenance companies and homeowners associations are encouraged to reduce outdoor watering by:

  • Watering yards and landscaping only three times a week
  • Watering between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.
  • Resetting sprinkler system frequencies to few days and less time
  • Mowing grass at a higher level

Debbie Ragan with the OKC Water Department is encouraging residents to use their water on sensitive plants and trees, not grass.

“We’d like residents to give up on the Bermuda. Let it do what it wants to do. It wants to be dormant. It’ll come back. Brown Bermuda is not bad. It’s not beautiful. But it will come back,” Ragan said.

For more information check out the OKC Water Department’s conservation website.