OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City fire fighter is in the hospital after battling a fire at Derichebourg Recycling which is a metal recycling facility near downtown Oklahoma City. Several crews were called to the scene Sunday afternoon on a smoke investigation.  

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said the metals in the warehouse overheated accidentally sparking a fire. The company uses the area where the fire started to grind up the metals. 

Fire fighters said the fire was starting to spread when they got there. 

“It was extending to some of the scrap material and the scrap material around that facility… We also called for a hazmat unit and a brush rig just because of the grass. So, we were able to set our ariel ladders and extinguish the fire. It caught a couple of plugs in the area, Chief David Shearer, shift commander OKC fire department. 

The fire department was also concerned about the amount of oil and fuel inside the facility. 

“We did make sure that all the water ran into a retention pond that’s here on site and so it didn’t get into the storm water or get any extended contamination… They weren’t open today so it could have been smoldering for a while,” said Shearer.  

During the battle about 28 first responders were on scene.  

One Oklahoma city firefighter got overheated and was treated on scene, then sent to a nearby hospital. 

“He will be fine, and it is non-life threatening, but he did get overheated and was transported to Saint Anthony,” said Shearer.  

There is no damage estimate yet, but the company was notified of the fire.  

“Most of that area there was engulfed in flames. Yeah. So, I mean it was a significant fire. And it was extending to the metal and things next to it,” said Shearer.  

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said the fire was accidental.  

The scene was wrapped up within a couple of hours after responding.  

KFOR spoke with a representative from the company who was on the scene. He told us the company did not want to comment on the situation.