OKLAHOMA CITY (Storyful/KFOR) – Oklahoma City firefighters responded to a call of 12 ducklings that had fallen into a hole. Crews gently rescued the chirping babies as the waddling mama duck quacked behind them the entire time.

Firefighters placed the ducklings in a bucket and released them at the water’s edge. Their excited mama was already in the water, quacking away.

The babies raced toward their mom and off they swam, together again, as a fireman is heard saying, “Don’t climb back up here.”

The Oklahoma City Fire Department did not disclose the address, but the agency posted the video on April 25th, along with this rhyme: “12 little ducklings, they had quite a day. They fell in a hole, but there they’d not stay. They’d soon be rescued by Engine 3-A. Once they were rescued and glad to the brim. They’d soon join mom and go for a swim. We’re fresh out of rhymes, but just look at them!”