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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City resident Tracey McCoy has never been more thankful for her dog, Dubai, after the 122 lb. Great Dane saved the day when a stranger walked right into their home.

This happened Monday afternoon at the home off of NW 6th St.

Tracey says she heard their side door open, and thought it was her older son, but instead…

“I looked up… and came face to face with a stranger,” she said.

Tracey was home with her son Nathaniel.

Nathaniel is blind, and Tracey says he had no idea what was happening until he heard her scream.

He wasn’t the only one surprised to hear Tracey’s yell.

“The instant that I screamed, Dubai understood that that person was not welcome here,” said McCoy.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walk into the house and actually pet Dubai before walking further down the hallway.

Tracey says she heard shuffling.

She went around the corner and saw Robert Ward.

She immediately screamed and Ward froze.

Moments later, Dubai jumps into action.

“He immediately did an about-face literally and started after the gentleman, and he escorted him out by the rear end with his teeth,” she said.

Tracey watched as Ward took off, but OKC police arrested him just moments later.

“Officers that were responding to the scene spotted the man in the area walking in the neighborhood and took him into custody,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.

After his arrest, Tracey was able to positively identify Ward.

One day later, Tracey, Nathaniel, and even Dubai are still shaken up but thankful the situation wasn’t worse.

“It changes everything. It changes how you feel. It changes your level of security. It changes your confidence at that moment” said McCoy.

Tracey says she took the citizens’ police academy early last year, so she knew what to say when calling 911.

Ward now faces a first-degree burglary charge.