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OKLAHOMA CITY – A man is behind bars after violently crashing a car that he allegedly stole from a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Around 12:50 a.m. on Tuesday, Lisa Woods had just ordered in the McDonald’s drive-thru, located at N.W. 23rd St. and Pennsylvania Ave., when a man walked up to her car.

“We told her her total, and all of a sudden, we just hear her yelling,” a McDonald’s employee said. “And we see the guy on the camera take her out of the car and get in.”

Police say 25-year-old Erik Aguilar walked up to Woods’ vehicle, which she was borrowing from a friend, and opened the driver’s side door.

He allegedly told Woods to get out of the car.

When she refused, authorities say a struggle began.

Officers say Aguilar pulled her out of the car by her arm, threw her to the ground, got in the car and sped away.

At that point, McDonald’s employees heard Woods scream.

“Call the police! He just stole my car! He just took it!” the employee remembered.

Officers were able to catch up to Aguilar near N.W. 23rd St. and Meridian Ave., where he crashed the vehicle.

Aguilar was arrested on complaints of robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude an officer.

Jesse Cargill, with Pride Mixed Martial Arts, echoes the advice police often give.

“At the point in time that there’s somebody already at her window and opening her door, trying to get her out, the best thing she can do is decide that her car is not worth more than her life,” Cargill said.

Even if someone wanted to use self-defense, those moves are often forgotten during the adrenaline rush.

“There is no magic move that you can do in three easy steps that’s going to make you safer in 10 seconds of your life,” Cargill said. “It takes a lot of repetition and muscle memory for that to be downloaded into your system, to be able to do without having to think through the mud of the adrenaline.”

Police say crooks often look for people who are not aware of their surroundings.

In a drive-thru, they warn that you should keep your door locked and only crack the window to order.

If there are children in the car, police say most carjackers will let you get out with the kids.