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OKLAHOMA CITY – We’re learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting.

Police say it all started with a drug deal at the corner of north Rockwell and Melrose and ended with a Oklahoma City police officer shooting and killing a 19-year-old woman.

Police arrested two suspects for alleged drug possession.

One of the men is also facing a possible charge of felony murder – even though it was a police officer who pulled the trigger.

Police say nine undercover police officers witnessed what appeared to be a drug deal on Wednesday night.

When confronted, the first suspect, Shanderrick Cleveland, surrendered immediately.

Police say the second suspect, Juan Aguilera, got into a car driven by his girlfriend Karen Cifuentes.

That’s when the scene took a deadly twist.

Trying to speed away, Cifuentes allegedly hit one of the officers who then opened fire and killed the teen.

From drive-by shootings to domestic assaults, Aguilera does have a criminal past.

“I cannot tell you oh he was a nice man. No. Because I know he has a history,” said Aguilera’s sister. “We thought he was changing, but apparently not.”

Aguilera’s sister didn’t want to be identified, but she is upset Aguilera is behind bars at the Oklahoma County jail facing a possible charge of felony murder.

“It is controversial and lots of people don’t understand it,” said attorney Jacqui Ford.

Attorney Ford says according to the law, if someone dies during the commission of a serious crime, their accomplices could be held accountable for the death.

“The idea or theory behind felony murder is if you’re engaging in behavior that is inherently dangerous, that you should foresee something like this could happen,” said Ford.

As for the driver, 19-year-old Cifuentes did not have a criminal record before her death.

“We are devastated because we know her,” said Aguilera’s sister. “I wish we can go back and tell them to do better things, but they were old enough.”

As for the officer who pulled the trigger, he was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

He is on routine paid leave while the case is investigated.

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