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OKLAHOMA CITY — Police once again step up their efforts to bust alleged prostitutes. In just the last two days, nearly a dozen people have been arrested for offering to engage in prostitution or aiding in prostitution.

Previous sting operations targeted trouble spots like South Robinson, this week many of the women arrested were tracked down online.

“June 2012 is a banner year for vice arresting prostitutes,” said video vigilante Brian Bates. “We have seen a consistent effort to combat prostitution and johns going on a solid month now.”

This week’s sting operations have focused mainly on the internet, with police then arresting the women at local hotels.

“It used to be there was a dividing line, on the internet they were considered high class escorts. Not any more,” said Bates.

Bates says while the same girls can solicit online for 10 times the going rate they ask on the street, there is a catch. Online solicitation can carry a felony charge.

“Some of these girls think they can get off the street and take their business online where nobody will complain, but they don’t realize they’ve put themselves in a lot more legal hot water,” said Bates.

Oklahoma City police did not want to talk about the story. They are not finished conducting this latest sting.