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OKLAHOMA CITY – A phony phone call to 911 lands an Oklahoma City woman behind bars.

Police say the suspect made the bogus emergency call in order to try to escape a routine traffic stop.

Driving near 23rd and Broadway, an Oklahoma City police officer pulled over a driver for a busted tag light.

Seconds later an emergency call came in to 911 to report a shooting at a nearby home.

“The cops were like, ‘Who got shot? Where are the people?’ I’m like, ‘What? I’m asleep what you talking about?'” said Will Carter.

With EMSA and fire speeding past his location, the patrol officer asked the driver to hand over her phone and found the suspect, Rosetta Grate, had in fact dialed 911.

“She called 911 to report a shooting at a nearby location but there wasn’t a shooting,” said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight. “It was a false call in order to get the officer off the traffic stop so he would do to the shooting call.”

Will Carter lived in this home with the suspect until recently.

He is not shocked by the arrest.

“She’s slick. She’s a criminal,” said Carter. “She’s a schemer and con woman. She played her last trick.”

A check with the Department of Corrections shows Grate does have a lengthy criminal history including several convictions for drug related crimes.

During a search of her car this week, police say they also found two crack pipes.

Her now former roommate says she’s better off behind bars.

“She was getting in trouble and she wouldn’t stop,” said Carter. “It’s good for her to get off the street so she won’t hurt anybody or anybody will hurt her.”

The suspect is facing a long list of new charges.

Those include making a false 911 call, drug possession and obstructing an officer.