OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman is now without a home after her trailer exploded. She lost everything, except her husband’s ashes.  

The woman told KFOR she had her propane heater on to keep her trailer warm. Suddenly, it exploded while she and her dog were inside. Everything is at a total loss except her husband’s urn.  

“That’s the only thing that survived… It blew the lid on the wall behind me about four feet. It blew my dog out of the trailer,” said Denice James.

Denice James lost her trailer home in an explosion.  

“I turned the top burner down because it was getting warm in there. I looked down at the stove and when I did, it blew up,” said James.  

During the explosion Denice said she sustained second degree chemical burns.  

“Both my hands and my face were real bad. They look really good now. My ear is still killing me… I didn’t know that I submerged my leg and then made it worse,” said James.  

Denice is now without money, clothes or a place to live. She is also living on social security.  

“I don’t make enough money to live anymore. That’s why I was in the woods mostly,” said Denice.  

Her neighbor, Alisha Slape, was there at the time of the explosion. 

“Then that’s when my son was like, ‘There’s firetrucks.’ They were everywhere. And so I just grabbed my stuff and took off running. They said, ‘She’s in the ambulance.’ For a few minutes they had her gone, but we found her dog for her,” said Alisha Slape. 

The community is now coming together to help Denise. 

“I’m just trying to help accept all donations that come across. I’ve made a post on Nextdoor and stuff for her… I’ve went and picked up some clothes from a lady,” said Slape. 

“There was a man on Nextdoor that helped me. He donated $200 to me,” said James.  

If you’d like to help, you can donate by contacting Denice James at (405)882-1932. You can also donate at 3420 Parker Drive Oklahoma City, OK 73135.

They are accepting large and extra-large clothes, size 7 1/2 boots for women, toiletries and more.