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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department says they’re investigating after officers allegedly made Facebook posts making fun of running over protesters.  

Posts on a Facebook page called “Oklahoma Bad Cops” show images allegedly posted by law enforcement officers.  

One reads “All Lives Splatter,” showing a car running over protesters on the road.

Another one shows someone kicking a protester.

There are comments and likes, allegedly coming from police officers.  

“It just goes to show they’re bad at their job. And they don’t value my life or the life of anybody,” Jabee Williams, a local protest organizer, said.  

Retired police officer Paula Sophia Schonauer says this behavior often stems from dark humor in the profession, but escalates to something more dangerous.

“When that humor, which could be described as gallows humor targets groups of people like the protestors, Black Lives Matter, African American people, Hispanic people, LGBTQ people, liberals, then it just fortifies,” she said. “Fortified prejudIce can often turn into discriminatory acts and sometimes the discriminatory acts become abuse.”  

She describes a culture that prevents conscientious officers from speaking up. 

“It forces silence. That’s the problem with the law enforcement culture. The people who don’t agree with the ‘splatter day’ kind of antics don’t feel empowered to speak up to say, “hey that’s wrong,'” Schonauer said.  

She says she recognizes several names in the post who are officers with the department.   

The Oklahoma City Police Department released a statement that reads:

“A social media post and related comments depicting protestors being run over in the street by a vehicle were brought to our attention this week. This post and the related comments in no way reflect the views and core values of the Oklahoma City Police Department or its leadership. We are currently reviewing the post and comments to see if current police employees were involved and will take disciplinary action where possible.”

One of the people named in the post called KFOR and said she’s not a police officer and she knows what she posted was wrong and has since deleted it. She says one of the people who posted is retired from law enforcement but is unsure about the other names listed.

“We want them to treat them how they treat us, you know what I mean. We want them to take action on them the way they take action on us,” Williams said.