(NEXSTAR) — Are you smarter than an Oklahoma fifth-grader taking their annual math assessment test? As another new school year is underway, it’s never a bad idea to know what the kids are learning — or how hard the lessons are.

The following questions were taken from the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP). The State Department of Education posts practice tests for each grade online.

While students are typically assessed in the spring, it’s time for you to test your skills now with these fifth grade-level math questions. And while the term “easy” is subjective, these are five math problems that don’t require graphing and don’t require a calculator. When testing yourself, try not to use a calculator – they’re only allowed for fifth graders as an approved accommodation.

Use your cursor or finger to highlight and reveal the answers. Pencils up!

Question 1: The graph below shows how much Tisha spent on movie tickets for the first six months of two different years.

Which month had the greatest difference in the amount of money spent on movie tickets between year 1 and year 2?

Answer choices: A. March; B. April; C. May or D. June

Correct answer: A. March.

Question 2: What point on the number line below best represents the location of 4.82?

Answer choices: A. point A; B. point B; C. point C or D. point D

Correct answer: D. point D.

Question 3: What is the perimeter of this parallelogram?

Answer choices: A. 192 centimeters; B. 236 centimeters; C. 384 centimeters or D. 428 centimeters

Correct answer: C. 384 centimeters.

Question 4: This table shows the high temperatures for some Oklahoma towns in January 2010.

What is the range of these high temperatures?

Answer choices: A. 2 degrees; B. 3 degrees; C. 4 degrees or D. 6 degrees

Correct answer: D. 6 degrees.

Question 5: A baker made 64 doughnuts at his bakery on Monday. The baker wants to put his doughnuts into boxes. Each box holds 12 doughnuts.

What is the total number of boxes the baker can fill, and the total number of doughnuts he will have leftover?

Answer choices: A. 8 boxes with 6 doughnuts leftover; B. 6 boxes with 8 doughnuts leftover; C. 5 boxes with 4 doughnuts leftover or D. 4 boxes with 5 doughnuts leftover

Correct answer: C. 5 boxes with 4 doughnuts leftover.

Congrats! You did it.

You can find more sample math and English assessment tests at the Oklahoma Department of Education.