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PRAGUE, Okla. – Sunshine Bush helps out at OK Save A Dog, an animal rescue outside the town of Prague in Lincoln County.

She is at the Petsmart at Penn and Memorial in Oklahoma City almost every weekend finding homes for abandoned animals.

But Sunday night, she was in a Tulsa hospital, recovering from broken bones at the hands of someone trying to illegally dump two dogs at the animal rescue.

The president and founder of OK Save A Dog says when the man showed up Sunday morning, she knew there would be trouble.

“This wasn’t the first time the man come out here.  He had been out here the morning before which is why when I saw him pull in the driveway, I ran to get my phone to call 911.  I knew it wasn’t going to end well,” said Kim Bowers.

Bowers says she had been working with the man to try and take the two dogs, but he didn’t want to follow procedure.

She says the man and his mother were in a dispute over the dogs.

“Usually if you give us your dogs, you have to sign a paperwork giving us permission to take the dogs.  We obviously don’t want to be sued by his mother in a week because we have her dogs here,” said Bowers.

When Bowers ran inside to call 911, her helper, Sunshine Bush, went to confront the man and he ran her over.

“He ran over her foot.  I guess she was standing by the driver’s side window and he ran over her foot.  And she somehow ended up on the top of the hood of the car,” said Bowers.

The man drove a mile down the country road with Bush on top of his car.

“She said she was banging on the windshield and he put his windshield wipers on to try and knock her off,” said Bowers.

Bush finally did fall off his car when he slammed on his brakes at the end of the dead end road.

He then backed up and took off.

“She said ‘he ran me over and I think my wrists and my ankle’s broken,’” said Bowers.

The two dogs he successfully dumped are now safe at the rescue.

Bush was taken to a Tulsa hospital for her injuries.

And Bowers is left amazed at what happened.

“It’s insanity.  It’s just insanity.  I mean I was trying to help the man.  I was trying to help him and his mother,” said Bowers.

The Lincoln County sheriff tells us they know who the suspect is and will be submitting paperwork to the district attorney Monday morning.

Bush may be released from the hospital as early as Monday but she has a long road of recovery ahead.

We’re told she doesn’t have any health insurance and won’t be able to help out at the animal rescue until her injuries heal.

A gofundme site has been set up to help her with expenses.