OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Tax Commission reports that unexpected supply chain delays continue to hold up shipments of title paper, with many Oklahomans having to wait to eight to 12 weeks to get their car title.

The delay has been a great disappointment for Isaac Armstrong of Garden City, Kansas who had dreams of riding his new motorcycle this summer.

Motorcycle without title. Image Isaac Armstrong.

“Really, the summer is the prime time for riding these motorcycles,” he told KFOR on Tuesday.

But the summer’s ending and he didn’t get to ride his new Harley-Davidson a single time. 

Armstrong bought it from a man in Western Oklahoma in May, the seller telling him he’d have the car title in five to eight days to mail to him in Kansas. Armstrong says 15 weeks later — still no car title.

“Here we are now almost to September and still no title,” he said. 

The seller told him the Oklahoma Tax Commission has yet to process it.

KFOR reached out to OTC to find out what’s going on. They sent us the following statement this week:

“Like many other manufactured goods, the title stock supplier has suffered numerous unexpected supply chain delays which has delayed the shipment of title stock by months. Due to the unique security features within an Oklahoma title, it is difficult to source this specific type of secured paper from other manufacturers. Our supplier has advised that our titles will ship within the next few weeks. Once the title stock arrives, the Oklahoma Tax Commission will begin printing all pending titles in the order they were processed.

Oklahoma titles are only needed to transfer ownership. When you register your vehicle with the OTC or with a tag agent, ownership is recorded and established. The Certificate of Registration that is already required to be in the vehicle at all times is immediately provided and serves as evidence of vehicle ownership. A title is not required to renew a tag or request a new specialty plate.

The OTC implemented a priority print process to ensure that titles that are needed to transfer a vehicle are processed quickly. If a title has already been requested and is needed for transferring purposes, owners may visit OkCARS.tax.ok.gov to request an expedited title.

Due to recent legislation, titles processed after 7/1/22 that are subject to a lien will be mailed to the lienholder. Titles that were processed on or before 6/30/22 will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle, regardless of lienholder status.”

Cassandra Sweetman, Spokesperson for Oklahoma Tax Commission

Armstrong said he’s left with no choice but to keep waiting. 

 “It’s pretty frustrating having a motorcycle that I can’t legally ride,” he said. “I wasn’t going to risk getting a ticket for an illegal bike because I don’t know what the repercussions are for something like that. I’m pretty disappointed in the State of Oklahoma, at the tax commission or whoever handles the titles there.”

Back in early June, OTC told KFOR that because of the supply chain delays, most titles were printing eight to 12 weeks after the application for a title was processed.