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MUSTANG, Okla. – A Christian book publishing company in the metro is under fire.

Tate Publishing and Enterprises is being sued for not paying its bills to the tune of $1.7 million, but that’s not the only trouble the company is facing.

Ryan Tate told NewsChannel 4 he’s not worried about any of that and plans to fight the latest lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed in Canadian County alleges Tate Publishing owes Xerox a lot of money for the equipment the company rents to publish its books.

Xerox has leased five industrial printers, hardware and servers to Tate, and says the publishing company hasn’t paid $1.3 million for it.

“Xerox is really a small part of our manufacturing process,” Ryan Tate said.

CEO Ryan Tate said he thinks Xerox is trying to intimidate him by taking him to court.

“There’s breaches on their side and we kind of went back and forth giving them a chance to fix it. [It’s] part of doing business I suppose,” Tate said.

Xerox claims the company owes another $464,000 under an agreement with Ryan Tate, who regularly appears on Fox News as a financial expert.

His company had PR problems a few years ago when Tate started outsourcing work to the Philippines.

An employee recorded the meeting in Mustang where Ryan Tate handed out pink slips.

“You morons that sat back and wanted to create and generate conspiracy theories on the what-ifs or what could be happenings are stupid,” Tate says on the recording.

Dale Denwalt has reported on Tate Publishing for the Journal Record.

“In the first 8 months of 2015, they had 22 complaints to the attorney general. At that time, [it was] the second most complained about company in the state,” Denwalt said.

We found most of the complaints came from authors claiming Tate didn’t pay them royalties, which should be paid out quarterly.

Some are now suing Tate for fraud.

“Overall, we represent tens of thousands of authors worldwide, we have one of the best reputations in the industry, one of the largest author pools with the best names. Obviously, you can’t always make everybody happy all the time,” Tate said.

The attorney general has not brought charges against Tate Publishing.

As far as the Xerox lawsuit, Ryan Tate says he’ll share more of his side of the story when he files his counter lawsuit.