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An Oklahoma City woman with terminal cancer was targeted by thieves in a devastating crime.

The woman’s two caregivers are accused of cleaning out her bank account.

Marilyn Fisher, 66, hired the caregivers through a medicaid program.

Investigators believe the pair may have over-medicated the woman, so they could steal her checks to write to themselves.

About a year and a half ago, Fisher went through Sunbeam Family Services to find a caregiver through the Advantage Medicaid Waiver program.

One option in that program is to choose your own caregiver.

That’s what Fisher did.

She hired Sierra Christian and Roxie Christian, who she already knew.

 Patrick O’Kane is the director of Senior Services at Sunbeam Family Services.

“There were no red flags at all, initially, when the background check was run and the information was received back to Ms. Fisher,” O’Kane said.

Eventually, Fisher started feeling like she was being given too much medicine.

Then, she got the devastating news.

She called Bank of Oklahoma to make sure a check would clear and was told it wouldn’t, because several checks she’d written lately had drained her account.

Only, Fisher didn’t write any of them.

Surveillance video from the bank showed her caregivers cashing the forged checks, stealing nearly $1,600.

Fisher moved into a respite care facility, afraid of what the suspects might do next.

Sierra has a mug shot and a rap sheet.

Roxie didn’t up until this point.

Now, the pair is charged for allegedly exploiting a woman who placed her trust in them.

Unfortunately, this happens too often.

Those who work with seniors said there are behaviors to watch for.

“If it becomes too friendly, overly involved in your life, overly involved in your finances, overly involved in your medications, overly involved in too many areas – that can be a sign that things are not going the way they should,” O’Kane said.

Sierra and Roxie are both charged with four counts of financial exploitation of an elderly person by a caregiver.

If convicted, each count carries up to 10 years in prison, a $10,000 fine, and they’d have to pay restitution to the victim.