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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City firefighters say they have made it even easier to request free smoke detectors for your home.

Between Dec. 19 and Jan. 29, the Oklahoma City Fire Department was called to 96 structure fires. In all, 14 people lost their lives as a result of those fires.

Officials say a common thread in all of the tragedies was the lack of working smoke alarms in the homes.

“Our department has had a program in place for many years to provide smoke alarms to our residents free of charge,” said Deputy Chief of Operations Mike Walker. “Through our Project Life Smoke Alarm Program, we provide long-life smoke alarms to those in our city who need them, and we install them as well to ensure that they are in the proper locations. All of this is completely free to our residents,” he added.

Oklahoma City residents can request free smoke alarms by calling (405) 316-BEEP (2337)  and leaving a message. Requests can also be made online.

“We knew we needed to make it as easy as possible for our residents to request the free smoke alarms. We are thrilled to be able to offer these new services in English and in Spanish. It is truly our strong desire that every home in Oklahoma City has working smoke alarms. Saving lives is what we are tasked to do, and very often that is done on the front end through prevention and readiness as opposed to responding once a fire has already occurred,” Walker concluded.