OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This year’s bird flu has caused the loss of 8 million birds according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  

The American Farm Bureau Federation reports turkey costs are up 21% from last year.  

With the combination of inflation and the bird flu, it’s putting a strain on families this year, making turkeys harder to find and more expensive.  

One Oklahoma City meat company KFOR spoke with told us to plan ahead before all the turkeys are gone.  

“We’ve had a hard time getting them. The bird flu has killed a lot of turkeys, a lot of birds. We’ve only got about maybe half of what we ordered. We smoke them all ourselves right here. But we do have plenty,” said Al Cusack, co-owner of Cusack Meats.  

Al Cusack, co-owner of Cusack Meats in Oklahoma City, said to not wait until the last minute for a turkey.  

“We will run out. Everybody will run out,” said Cusack.  

Cusack said the shortage of turkeys is making thanksgiving cost more this year. 

“The price of our raw material costs on the turkeys is up about 65% over last year and last year was high also. So just the shortage of turkeys is costing a lot more,” said Cusack.  

Although turkeys are costing more this year, Cusack said their turkeys are selling out fast.  

“We’ve had standing orders with our suppliers to send us thousands and we’re getting hundreds. So, we’re trying to supply all of our customers. But it’s tough,” said Cusack.  

Despite fewer turkeys being produced ahead of this year’s Thanksgiving, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said “anyone who wants a bird will be able to get one.”