OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Several residents are reporting someone has been setting blue bin trash cans on fire in North Oklahoma City. They said it’s been happening since mid-December.  

A neighbor in the Original Military Park area told KFOR he’s seen at least five trashcans that have been set on fire in his neighborhood. The Oklahoma City Fire Department warns an act like that during fire season can lead to a whole lot more damage than that.  

“Right now, everything’s just so dry… Whoever’s doing this may think it’s a fun gag or a joke, but they don’t realize the seriousness of it just catches the grass on fire. It can very easily lead up to a house fire, and especially if it’s at night,” said Scott Douglas, Oklahoma City Fire Department.  

Pictures show blue trash cans at a total loss after someone started going around and setting them on fire.  

The Oklahoma City Fire Department warned this could easily turn into a fatal fire situation.  

“Some people may think it’s harmless. It’s all fun and games. It’s absolutely not. These embers, these sparks from the trash fires that can land on people’s houses, that can start a grass fire, can easily start a house fire,” said Douglas. 

Scott Douglas with the Oklahoma City Fire Department said trash bins are considered a flammable item.  

“The bad thing with these is most people store them right under the eve of their house. So, this time of year, yeah, I mean, it’s a flammable item. You know it’s three things that causes fires. You have fuel, you have heat, and you have oxygen. So, the fuels are there, the toxins are there,” said Douglas. 

One resident in the neighborhood sent KFOR a picture of a trash can close to a home that was set on fire. If it wasn’t put out soon enough, it could have led to much worse.  

“All you need is a spark… Two or three hours later, we’re responding on a house fire,” said Douglas. 

The Oklahoma City Fire Department is also reminding you to report it if something like this is happening in your neighborhood.  

“We just would love to tell the neighbors, if you’re witnessing anything like this or have something on your ring doorbell cam, just report it to us, please at 23ARSON. And that way our arson investigators can work quickly on it. So, if you have any information on this, just please contact our arson office at (405)-234-7766. 

The neighbor who sent us those photos told KFOR the person who has been setting the trashcans on fire has been arrested. He’s in custody after setting fire to a trash at the Casey’s on Northwest 39th and Penn.