OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A large fight broke out at a nightclub around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning in Bricktown leaving several people injured due to a stabbing. Oklahoma City Police said someone was taken into questioning but after being interviewed, was released.

It happened at the Pink Parrot nightclub in Bricktown. Oklahoma City Police said eight total people were injured. Two are in critical condition and six have minor injuries.  

Officers said they witnessed people running out of the club bleeding. People watched as everyone scattered. 

“I saw probably some fire trucks and some just a lot of emergency vehicles, a lot of squad cars and just police running around,” said Garret Scalia, lives in Deep Deuce neighborhood. 

Oklahoma City Police said several police officers were posted outside the club as part of security protocols. That’s when they saw the fight break out which left several people hurt.  

Police said two people who had serious stab wounds were bleeding profusely.  

Officers immediately began life-saving efforts by applying tourniquets and pressure to the wounds. 

One family from Texas staying at the hotel next-door to where the stabbing took place told News 4, they were in the area around 10:15 p.m. Friday night and were never concerned for their safety. 

“There was a security guard in the hotel, and, like, they locked the doors after 10:00 p.m., so, it felt secure. But, I mean, it’s just kind of eerie to know that that happened,” said Kaylee Cooper, staying at a hotel in Bricktown. 

However, an Oklahoma City resident who lives in the Deep Duece neighborhood close to Bricktown said he avoids this corner. 

“I would never come here. I think it’s just an unnecessary risk. There are places that are fun to go to and stuff like this doesn’t happen,” said Scalia.  

Scalia also said he hates to see crime like this happening in his neighborhood. 

“It sucks for, you know, the people that just want to come out and have a good time because like, you can bring your family down here and like there’s no reason to have to feel unsafe just because people are acting crazy like that,” said Scalia. 

KFOR reached out to Pink Parrot for a comment but haven’t heard back yet. 

Oklahoma City Police said there are no further updates at this time, and we will likely hear an update Monday morning.