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OKLAHOMA CITY – Kristi Cox-Brewer has been on the Oklahoma City police force for nearly four years. Her job is to uphold the law but now she’s accused of beating her husband.

“At some point we believe she hit him over the head with curling iron,” said Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama.

Late Tuesday night, officials say 28-year-old Cox-Brewer and her husband started arguing at an apartment complex on N.W. 10th and Shartel.

Cox-Brewer’s husband called police once he was allegedly hit with the curling iron.

Police told NewsChannel 4 that based on the man’s injuries, they had no choice but to take her into custody.

“The investigators determined there was enough evidence to make an arrest for assault and battery of domestic abuse, assault with a dangerous weapon and assault in the presence of a child,” Balderrama said.

There’s no word yet on what led up to the argument but advocates against domestic violence may have an idea.

“Domestic violence is absolutely caused by the need to have power and control over your victims,” said Senior Director for YWCA’s Domestic Violence Victim’s Services, Angela Beatty.

If the Cox-Brewer returns to the force, it could be a while.

“Ms. Cox is going to be placed on administrative leave until we investigate the case fully and present it to the district attorney’s office,” Balderrama said.

Cox-Brewer is out on bail.

The Oklahoma City Police Department will conduct an internal affairs review on the officer.