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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City police officer was arrested after investigators discovered the officer was allegedly involved in criminal activity.

The Oklahoma City Police Department investigated Sergeant Christopher Shubert, a 13-year veteran of department, after learning he allegedly used his computer to illegally run a license plate.

“We received confidential information that alleged that he was doing, that there was an individual that received vehicle information,” said Capt. Bo Matthews with Oklahoma City Police. “He used that information and provided it to an unauthorized source and this information that he gave is going to be the type of vehicle it is, who owns the vehicle and where that vehicle is registered.”

Upon the completion of the investigation, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Shubert, 41, for unlawful custody and dissemination of confidential and privileged information and use of a computer to violate state statutes.

Shubert was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and charged in court with a felony and a misdemeanor.

Attorney and legal expert Jacqui Ford says the use of a computer made the crime more serious.

“The use of a computer device to enhances otherwise misdemeanor crimes to felony crimes is something that you routinely see,” said Ford, who added that the incident has shaken the trust of the public.

“The officer is entrusted with very personal information,” she said. “We entrust them to use that information discretely and for the sole purpose of law enforcement activities, not with outsiders.”

Officials say Shubert is on paid administrative leave and confirm he was involved in a deadly officer involved shooting back in 2005. However, he wasn’t charged in that incident.