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OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City police officer is headed to trial.

31-year-old Jeremiah Thompson is accused of abusing his 7-month-old foster child.

He had nothing to say outside the courtroom Wednesday after his preliminary hearing.

Among the witnesses, prosecutors called to testify before the judge, the pediatrician who worked on the victim at the hospital.

She testified the baby had so many bleeds in the back of her eyes, they were too numerous to count.

After about two hours of testimony, the judge bound over Jeremiah Thomas for trial.

He’s charged with child abuse after his 7-month-old foster baby suffered severe head trauma in November.

Thompson called 9-1-1 from his Edmond home.

911 Operator: Edmond 911, where’s your emergency?

With help on the way, he told the EMSA operator: 

Thompson: My infant child, she’s just not breathing so well this morning.

He described her having a “hundred yard stare.”

Thompson:  She’s not alert. She’s not looking at me.

Operator: I’m sorry, sir?

Thompson: She has her eyes like halfway open.

 A doctor testified Wednesday that the baby had severe head trauma and extensive bleeding from her eyes, an injury that, in her opinion, was likely caused by a person shaking a baby… not what Thompson described more than four minutes into his 9-1-1 call.

Thompson: I did drop her as well.

Operator: When did you drop her?

Thompson: Uh… Right before she vomited.

Prosecutors asked the doctor Wednesday if the baby had any external bruises, like one you’d get from a fall.

She said, “no,” and added that the baby didn’t have any broken bones.

Combined with the internal bleeding, she came to the conclusion that the infant had likely been shaken.

Thompson’s attorney asked the doctor, “Then why didn’t the baby have a neck injury?” and requested the judge dismiss the case.

She denied it.

It’ll be up to a jury to decide the officer’s fate.

Thompson remains on paid administrative leave from OCPD.

The department placed him on leave the day after the baby was taken to the hospital, two months before he was charged.

Attorneys for both sides declined an interview before trial.

Thompson’s next court date is in June.

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