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OKLAHOMA CITY – A disabled man, who relies on a cane, was robbed Friday morning in the driveway of his own home near N.W. 36th and Walker.

He had just gone out to his driveway to warm up his car around 7:30 a.m., when a young man approached him.

“He knocked on the window. And, he came around, let me see him and he says ‘You got a cigarette?’” said Doug Myers.

Myers said his cigarettes were in his pocket, so he stepped out of the car to give the young man one and came face-to-face with a gun.

“He said ‘Give me your money’ and pulled a gun on me,” Myers said.

Myers said he had no money in his wallet, and he refused to hand over his car keys.

“He said ‘I’m going to blow you away.’ That’s all he said. And, I said ‘Okay, do it. I mean I don’t have anything to lose. I’m 65 years old. I have AIDS,’” Myers said.

That seemed to shock the suspect, who then demanded Myers’ ring.

Myers handed it over and then said he got pistol whipped.

“I guess it was the barrel of the gun or something, cut me right there. And, the rest of it was just swollen up like that a couple of days,” Myers said.

Myers said he got a few good jabs at the suspect with his cane before the young man took off running.

Oklahoma City police were canvassing the neighborhood Monday morning, trying to see if anyone has surveillance cameras pointed toward Myers’ driveway.

Myers said, after the experience, he plans to buy a gun – the first of his life.

And, he plans to learn how to use it in case he’s ever in a situation like this again.

“And, woe to anybody else that tries. Because, I’m going to be legal, number one. Number two, I’ll blow them away without blinking,” Myers said.

Myers was not able to give police much of a description.

He said, once that gun came out, that’s about all he could see.

But, he hopes police can catch the suspect before he does this to anyone else.