OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In recent weeks, the Oklahoma City Police Department has seen a rise in business-related robberies. 

Oklahoma City Police said business robberies have become more frequent across the city, and it can turn into a life-threatening situation. They want to alert the public to be ready for anything that may come your way.  

“Robberies in general are a scary situation, but it becomes scarier when it is an armed robbery, said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, Assistant PIO, Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Quirk said it’s important to remain calm and comply in the moment to get out of the situation safely.  

“We want to make the public aware, make the business owners aware that it’s important for them to remain calm and to comply in the moment. We know that emotions run high, but it’s very important for them to comply to get out of the situation safely,” said Quirk.  

It’s also important, as a business owner, to have cameras. That way it could help with the investigation.  

“They want to be in a spot where they they’re able to capture most or all of the suspect, or at least enough of the suspect, that we can have something to work with and go off of and possibly identify that suspect,” said Quirk.  

Quirk also said to stay alert, especially at night or before closing, because that’s when a lot of the robberies take place. 

“It’s important to know to comply with what’s being demanded of you, to remain calm as earliest convenience. Dial 911. Don’t follow that that that perpetrator out of the store or out of the business because you do not know if they’re armed in some situations. And so, we just want to remind business owners to remain safe and give a few tips on how to do that,” said Quirk.  

Contact Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers if you have information regarding a suspect involved in a robbery by calling (405)235-7300 or leaving a tip online here.  Your anonymous tip could earn you a cash reward.