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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A peaceful protest happened outside Senator James Lankford’s Oklahoma City office on Sunday morning.

A group is calling for Lankford’s resignation from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission.

“I just want to have representation,” said Adriana Laws, Collegiate Freedom and Justice Coalition Founder and President.

These Oklahomans have one request for Senator James Lankford.

“I just want you to resign. I don’t want to have a conversation with you. I don’t want to hear any more weak apologies,” Laws said. “We are asking in solidarity with our neighbors in Tulsa that he resign from the 1921 Race Massacre Commission.”

Last week, black leaders in Tulsa called for Lankford’s resignation from the 1921 Race Massacre Centennial Committee after Lankford initially said he would oppose the Electoral College results.

Senator Lankford later sent a letter, apologizing to Black Tulsans, saying in part, “I am asking my friends in North Tulsa for grace and an opportunity for us to show the state what reconciliation looks like in moments of disagreement. None of us get any compensation or reward for what we do for the Commission, but being a part of the effort to shine a light on North Tulsa is an honor and a responsibility for me… It is my mission, and I will continue working to support you for many years to come.”

Laws says the apology isn’t enough.

“What he’s done is try to invalidate the opinions and voices of Black Americans and a weak apology isn’t gonna change the fact that that’s what you’ve done for four years,” Laws said. “I have one main grievance and it is his lack of concern and regard for the Black community of Oklahoma. We’ve seen it all throughout his terms that he served here. Never can I think of a time where he came to the Black community and said, ‘this is what I want to do to help you.’”  

She said she’d prefer to see someone else in his seat.

“I would want to see an everyday Oklahoman. Like someone who’s out here with us right now,” Laws said.

KFOR asked Senator Lankford for a response to Sunday’s protest. We were referred to the letter he sent earlier this week.