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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Public Schools students will be in the classroom four days a week starting April 6. 

“We knew early on that we wanted to get kids back to school, even as far back as March 13 when this first hit, we started talking about, how can we get our kids back into an in-person setting,” Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel recently said in a video message.

Students will learn in person four days a week, Tuesday through Friday.

Mondays will remain a remote synchronous learning day.

The district says they came to this decision with input from students, families, and employees, as well the Board of Education and health departments.

“It has become conclusive that school-aged children have very low infection and transmission rates,” McDaniel said.

He also says other districts have successfully gone back in person.

There are safety measures in place, like an ionization system that kills viruses, contact tracers, and rapid testing for staff and their households.

“We’re going to bring a sense of normalcy back, we think our kids need it, we’re confident that our mitigation efforts outweigh the risks associated with bringing kids back,” McDaniel said.

He says students benefit from learning in person.

“That’s where the great teachers are, that’s where the support services are,” he said.

Students who previously selected the e3 learning option will stay virtual the rest of the school year.