OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman says she’s frustrated that she’s been waiting for over a year to receive her 2021 federal tax refund.

“Basically, I keep getting the runaround,” said Jessica DeFiore.

She told KFOR she was supposed to get a paper check for $3,439 in April 2022. It never came.

She tells us she was then told she’d get it deposited to her bank account. That never happened.

DeFiore said then the IRS advised her to fill out a Form 3911 to help trace the money, but when she both faxed and mailed it to them, she said they claimed they never got it.

Next, she visited the IRS in person.

“I made an appointment to go to the IRS office in Oklahoma City to personally hand it to them so they would have it in their hands,” she explained. “I have a copy of that with a stamp saying received on this date, yet again it is not there. It is missing.”

At her wit’s end, she reached out to KFOR and we put her on a three-way call with an IRS representative who gave her a next step.

“We don’t actually handle the actual money,” the rep said. “We do the paperwork and the accounts for it, but the Bureau of Fiscal Services, which means bureau money services, they are the actual cash people. They are the ones who actually write the check. They are the ones who actually take the money and do something with it.”

After we informed the IRS agent the call was being recorded, the call abruptly ended.

DeFiore said she’s desperate for this refund because her car’s engine stopped working and she either needs to repair it or buy a new car.

“I’m a single mom,” she shared. “I have to try to feed my kid. I spent $600 just this last month renting a car. So that’s people’s rent on top of my own rent. So, I’m hurting here and I’m afraid of losing my job. I’m afraid of how I’m going to feed my child. It’s just not fair.”

DeFiore said she plans to call the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. KFOR reached out to them as well.