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OKLAHOMA CITY – There’s an extra set of eyes, ears and paws taking a bite out of crime from inside the Oklahoma County Jail.

He’s leading the way as part of the first and only K9 contraband unit within the Oklahoma jail system.

Han started sniffing out trouble right off the bat, on the first day.

“I’ve had several inmates say they see us coming in, they start flushing,” said Han’s teammate, Sgt. Curtis Whittington.

The duo has only been working together at the jail for about a month, but the duo clearly already has a reputation.

“We started finding some stuff and now anytime me and him walk into a pod, the inmates will actually yell ‘Drug dog out!’ or ‘K9 out!'” Sgt. Whittington recalled.

The one-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd was imported from Hungary.

He became a part of the Oklahoma County team thanks to a donation from Johnson and Biscone – an Oklahoma City personal injury law firm.

“To make it a safer place for not only law enforcement, but for the prisoners themselves,” said Joe Biscone.

Han and Sgt. Whittington teamed up in Indiana – where they trained at Von Liche – one of the world’s premiere kennels.

They then came back to Oklahoma County to help stop the flow of contraband into the jail.

“It can be anywhere from visitors to lawyers to preachers to employees, whatever,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor.

Han is certified for finding drugs and will soon be certified for finding cell phones and other contraband – even though he’s already sniffing it out.

“We found a cell phone charger battery pack where they charge their phone so we find all kinds of different stuff,” Sgt. Whittington said.

Even mid-week – he’s far from dog tired.

“He keeps trying to pull me into these cells because he wants to work,” Sgt. Whittington said.

Eventually Han will make appearances at local schools and other places he can help educate the community.