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BETHANY, Okla. – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is springing into action a little differently on Tuesday.

Living a normal life is a goal for residents at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, and patients were able to get a sense of normalcy thanks to the sheriff’s office.

“Handing out Easter bunnies. Taking pictures with the kids so, that way, they get pictures with the Easter bunny, because they can’t go to the mall and take pictures like what other kids could,” said Oklahoma County Deputy Heather Williams.

Williams is a full-time deputy but decided to trade in her badge to become the Easter bunny at several area hospitals this year.

“It was bittersweet, because you see the kids and you know you’re making a difference for them. And, to see their eyes light up, which was nice, rewarding for sure,” Williams said.

The visit came on a special day for Katie Sawatzky, who is heading home.

She was rushed to the hospital just after Thanksgiving after a seizure sent her into a coma.

“We could hardly keep her awake. She had no movement and just pain in her right leg. She was just a sleepy kid,” said Beth Sawatzky, Katie’s mother.

Almost five months later, she’s speaking again and using a walker.

“I can’t help but think it’s almost Easter. That’s a story about coming back to life again, and we’ve seen it happen. I mean, she’s come back alive,” Beth said.

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