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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Ethics Commission is investigating Senator Kyle Loveless for campaign finance violations.

The commission alleges Loveless filed campaign finance reports late, inaccurately, or not at all.

The investigation began in November 2016.

Documents obtained by NewsChannel 4 show the commission is looking into a number of ethics violations, including 21 donations from political action committees totaling nearly $30,000 that were not reported by Sen. Loveless’ 2016 campaign fund.

The commission also wrote this to the senator regarding his 2012 campaign fund: “It is alleged you received 32 contributions from political action committees totaling $23,800, and you only reported receiving $8,150.”

“These ethics laws are in place so the general public can know who is funding their elected officials` campaigns; so they can know basically who elected officials to a certain exist may be beholden to,” legal analyst Ed Blau said.

Candidates have to keep a thorough record of their campaign donations and turn them into the Ethics Commission.

Political action committees provide their donation lists to the commission, too, and those lists are compared to make sure they match up.

“The more the public knows about who is funding their candidates and their elected officials` campaigns, the more the average citizen is able to make their own decisions as to what a candidate’s motivations may be,” Blau said.

Court records show Loveless has been subpoenaed to turn over all campaign bank records to the commission.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the commission could dismiss the complaint, there could be a settlement agreement, or Loveless could be prosecuted in district court.

Wednesday, our crews went to Sen. Loveless’ office, and he refused to speak with us on camera.

He said he’d give us a statement by 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, but we never heard back.