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JONES, Okla. – An Oklahoma family is alleging abuse of their loved one inside a Jones nursing home.

A Vietnam veteran was left bruised and battered.

The resident’s family says when they complained to the facility things got even worse.

The family says when they reported the abuse, the facility director made excuses and when they decided to take their loved one home, the director refused to let them have his medication.

Now they are fighting back with help from a local advocate.

Barbara Biggs Johnson said, “He (her husband) was turned to the wall and he was crying and he wouldn’t respond.”

That is how Barbara found her husband, Don, Tuesday.

He was inside a nursing home in Jones. He was staying there after a recent illness.

Barbara said, “He said a nurse hit him, punched him.”

Don is now at home. He spoke briefly about what happened.

“They hit me,” said Don. “Just balled up her fist and just swung.”

There are now bruises on Don’s stomach.

Barbara said, “I’m not going to let anyone abuse him. He’s a Vietnam veteran.”

A NewsChannel 4 crew went to the facility. The director did not want to talk on camera, but did say the allegation of abuse is under investigation.

Meanwhile, Barbara has checked Don out of the facility. She brought him home to heal.

She said, “I wasn’t going to leave him there with those bruises, because they couldn’t explain to me where those bruises came from.”

Wes Bledsoe, with “A Perfect Cause,” said, “If this can happen to a veteran then God help the rest of us in a nursing home.”

“A Perfect Cause,” is an organization that fights against abuse in Oklahoma nursing homes.

Bledsoe says families like Don’s do have options when they suspect abuse.

Bledsoe said, “In this case, she can file complaints with DHS Adult Protective Services. She can also file a complaint with the Department of Health. We’re also encouraging her to file a report with Jones Police.”

After 36 years of marriage Barbara says it breaks her heart to see her husband hurting.

Barbara says she had taken don to a family christening on Sunday. She knows the bruises were not there then.

The facility director tells us they too are filing a report with Adult Protective Services regarding Don’s bruises.