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ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is furious after she says a deputy shot her family dog while she was away and left him on the porch with a note.

“The deputy came on to my property when nobody was home,” Angie Laymon told KJRH. “When my German Shepherd did his job and approached the officer barking, the officer shot him.”

Laymon says she and her children were at church when the shooting occurred.

Three hours later, they arrived home to find their dog, Bruno, bleeding on the porch from a gunshot wound.

In addition to finding their dog, Laymon also found a note.

“There’s a note on the door that says the cops shot him,” she said.

At that point, she frantically called the sheriff’s office.

“He got out of his car and as he came around the side of your Escalade, your dog attacked him.’ I said, ‘Did he bite him?’ He said, ‘Well, he felt threatened,” she told KJRH.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said the deputy was investigating a crime nearby when he felt threatened by the dog.

“There’s a lot of things that could be asked. Why didn’t he taze him? Why didn’t he pepper spray him? You know, an officer’s weapon was the first thing that he drew and we don’t have time to go through this use of force ladder,” Walton told KJRH.

Bruno is being treated at an animal hospital after the bullet shattered his shoulder. Veterinarians say he will likely need to have his leg amputated.