NORMAN Okla. (KFOR) – A father and aunt are heartbroken and livid after seeing a new viral video showing their family member being pinned down and beaten by law enforcement officials  in Arkansas.

“I can’t get out of my mind,” said Randal Worcester Sr. “The pain is just unreal. It’s just unreal.”

Worcester Sr. said he’s appalled and angry after seeing his son beaten by two Crawford County Deputies and a Mulberry Police Officer.

“It wouldn’t even have to by my son to feel what I felt when I watched that,” said Worcester Sr.

In the video, the officer and deputies can be seen punching and kneeing Randal Worcester Jr. in the face and side. One can be seen slamming his head against the concrete.

“It’s just brutal,” said Worcester Sr. “Excessive force brutality.”

“Everything concerns me about this case,” said Sheriff Jim Demante of Crawford County.

Police were reportedly searching for Worcester after he allegedly spit on a gas station clerk and made threats in a nearby town.

“He’s a good person. It’s just his mental illness might stand in the way sometimes,” said Shawnda Bradley, Worcester Jr.’s Aunt. “He’s harmless. He really is.”

“To treat another human being like that, it doesn’t even matter what happened before that,” said Worcester Sr.

Worcester was taken to a local hospital then booked on multiple charges including second-degree battery, resisting arrest, and making terroristic threats.

Sheriff Jim Demante said this is now being investigated as a criminal act and are under investigation for the use of force.


Bradley said her nephew is enrolled with the Chickasaw Nation and is part of a prominent native family.

“We have a lot of protections, as well, as natives,” said Bradley. “Our family, being one of the biggest families in the nation, what the police done, that is something we don’t tolerate.”

“If they don’t get charged, well, then we’ll see them in civil court or whatever approach we need to take,” said Worcester Sr. “They let everybody down and they let themselves down. I think they oughta pay for it.”

The family told News 4 they are hoping the Chickasaw Nation will get involved at some point. However, Bradley said they are not because they do not have all the details.