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MOORE, Okla. – Just two years ago, many drivers were feeling a bit of pain when visiting a gas pump.

As a result of gas prices nearing $4 a gallon, some drivers decided to convert their vehicles to run on compressed natural gas.

This last year, things changed drastically.

Gas prices dropped significantly to under $2 a gallon in many states.

While many drivers across the country have been celebrating the low gas prices, some of those CNG drivers have not seen significant savings since making the switch.

Recently, an Oklahoma gas station decided to pass on some savings to those CNG customers.


“In December 2015, our genius federal government voted to write a big check to retailers who sold CNG in 2015. Hey… we’re shaking our heads, too! So far we have just one CNG station (with others under construction), but it’s a lot of money, and we did nothing to earn it. It belongs to the taxpayers. Since it’s not possible for us to give the money back to every federal taxpayer, we have decided to lower our CNG price 50¢ per gallon until all the money is used up.”

A 7-Eleven station, located at S. 19th St. and Eastern in Moore, posted a sign about a tax credit given to CNG stations.

As a result, the station lowered its prices of CNG to 39¢ GGE.