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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the wake of a horrific terrorist attack that claimed over 100 lives in Paris, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is speaking out about refugees from Syria coming to the United States.

CNN is reporting French officials believe six of the people directly involved in the Paris attacks had spent time in Syria.

One of those terrorists entered Greece, mingled in with refugees, falsely identifying himself.

On Monday, Fallin urged President Barack Obama to suspend accepting Syrian refugees into the U.S.

“The Obama administration needs to assure the public that the background checks they are doing are rigorous, and that American lives will not be endangered in the process,” Fallin said. “Until then, I call on the Obama administration to suspend any Syrian refugees into the United States. During these uncertain times the Obama administration needs to make sure those entering the United States are not terrorists.”

During a hearing last week, FBI Director James Comey says there is a risk bringing anybody in from the outside, but especially from a conflict zone like Syria.

“The American people need to be assured that national security will not be compromised,” she said. “We must maintain a strict verification process against possible terrorists.”

Since 2012, three refugees from Syria have been placed in Jenks.

Catholic Charities in Tulsa and Catholic Charities in Oklahoma City are two refugee processing affiliates in the state.

A pair of state representatives praised Gov. Fallin for her stance, but say she isn’t going far enough.

“We applaud Gov. Fallin in her efforts to stop the influx of Syrian refugees into the United State (sic) and into the state of Oklahoma,” said state Rep. Casey Murdock in a statement. “We should continue efforts by suspending all state agencies in assisting in the resettlement of additional refugees.”

“States should unify on this movement. The tragic events going on across our world are disheartening. We should assist, but this is not the way. If one state allows the resettlement of refugees, they can continue to cross state lines with no true discourse,” said state Rep. Sean Roberts.

The representatives say Fallin should join other governors in denying refugees entry into their states.

According to the U.S. Department of State’s latest report, no refugees from Syria were admitted into Oklahoma during October. The State Department’s Refugee Processing Center reported 54 refugees came to Oklahoma during October. They were all from Burma.

CNN’s Patrick Cornell has been keeping up with the decisions.