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GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. – A flyer for an upcoming Garvin County GOP fundraiser has sparked a political firestorm.

The governor’s name headlines the flyer for the local party’s “Bean Feed” fundraiser, complete with a dancing bean in the top corner wearing a sombrero.

The flyer says guests can prepare to hear “things that you may not know about the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Ku Klux Klan and other organizations.”

The state’s Democratic Party was shocked.

The Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Wallace Collins says, “I thought this can’t be real, but it is. It really is. I think they were trying to energize their base, the Tea Party base, the right wing nuts, whatever you want to call them.  In other words, throw some red meat, raise some money.”

The head of the Garvin County GOP, Allie Burgin, confirmed the flyer is the real deal, but says it’s not what you think.

Burgin says, “I feel like the GOP gets a bad rap.”

Burgin says the Republican Party wanted to debunk any perceived link between the GOP and the Ku Klux Klan by giving historical background on the controversial organization.

“That’s part of our party’s mission is to get information out to people,” says Burgin.

The governor’s office has denied any involvement with the “Bean Feed” and even said her attendance was never confirmed.

But in a Facebook post from Tuesday afternoon, the head of the Garvin County GOP says… “I have been assured that Governor Fallin will be at the Garvin County GOP bean feed ‘with bells on’ along with her tour bus and entourage of staff.”

Burgin wouldn’t tell us the name of the person who gave him confirmation, but says it was someone with Fallin’s campaign.

The Chariman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Wallace Collins says, “Now that they’re caught it’s, ‘Oh no, we didn’t know anything about it. We didn’t have anything to do with it. We weren’t going to be there.’ Caught red-handed.”

The Garvin County GOP says any mention of the Ku Klux Klan has been removed from the flyer and the governor’s office insists she will not attend the fundraiser.

In a statement, Alex Weintz, spokesperson for Gov. Fallin’s office says, “The governor is not going to or speaking at that event. She would not attend an event where those topics were featured. Our office has nothing to do with that flyer.”