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OKLAHOMA CITY – The students at Dove Science Academy are actually creating hands for those in need.

“We were sort of brainstorming what we could do to help the community and that’s when we realized we could build prosthetic hands for kids and that’s what got me really excited,” Axel Castillo said.

The high school students in this engineering class are making prosthetics using simple materials that all start with a 3D printer.

The prosthetics are built in different sizes for different ages.

“We are helping someone’s life and we are changing someone’s life. It could be a child. It could be a teenager or it could be an adult,”  Ahmet Unlu, a teacher at Dove Science Academy, said.

They’re now looking to donate the limbs to Oklahomans who can’t afford a traditional prosthetic.

These hands are much cheaper than a traditional prosthetic limb. The 3D printer cost the school $1,200, and the materials were just $20 for each hand.

Plus, the students are learning a valuable skill.

“I knew about [3D printers], but I didn’t know how they worked and now I know all the programs we need to use and everything,” Jalen Grier, a junior at Dove Science Academy, said.

“I believe this type of project helps students grow in many ways, academically, socially and emotionally,” Unlu said.

So far, they’ve built five hands and they’re now hoping to donate them.

“I’d be really happy knowing I’m the one that created them, especially for little kids,” Grier said. “Knowing they’ll be happy that they’ll get one and have the ability to use fingers would make me happy. Probably make me cry.”

“I’d be happy seeing them use it in every day life. Having some sort of application. You know, seeing them, maybe if I could catch a smile on their face while using them, it would just make me feel so happy,” Castillo said.

For more information about the Dove engineering programs or if you or someone you know might benefit from these prosthetics, contact the DSA-OKC Middle/High Campus at 405-524-9762.