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OKLAHOMA CITY – 2 billion people fly domestically and internationally every year.

Let’s face it, they aren’t all the picture of health and cleanliness.

Commercial aircraft are often a petri dish of health hazards and rarely get more than a nightly surface cleaning and trash pick up.

Traveller, Wilene Durrett said, “They probably don’t clean much, especially on those short flights. That worries me.”

Entrepeneur Yale Scott believes he has created a solution to the air travel.

Yale has invented a unique, travel-size seat protector.

It’s like a fitted bed sheet for your seat back according to Scott, “You kind of get grossed out and wonder who sat there before you. This fits around the headrest of the plane.”

The Germ Free Bee is a “one size fits all” seat cover.

The fleece provides a thin shield between you and the previous passengers.

Scott said, “It’s a barrier, putting protection between you and the seat that 1000’s of people have sat in before.”

While there are other disposable seat protectors on the market, Scott says there is nothing like the Germ Free Bee.

His cover has “wings” which double as a blanket for those cold, uncomfortable flights.

Yale Scott is still shoring up financing and manufacturing of his Germ Free Bee, but hopes to have it on the market next year.

He said, “I would love the day that I get on and see multiple Germ Free Bees on the flight. ”

For your comfort and protection, Scott said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”