OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The rising price of pretty much everything these days has families searching for ways to fight inflation. That’s why thousands of people packed the Oklahoma City Pavilion building Sunday to save money where they can. 

Just Between Friends consignment sale organizer Kathy Winslow said it was the biggest crowd they’ve ever seen and contribute it to today’s economy. Thousands of people are relying on opportunities like this, especially with kids now back in school. 

“Can you ever hate saving a dollar? I mean, with the way things are now. I mean, you always got to save some money,” said Logan Henderson, Oklahoma City resident. 

NPR news reports, “With inflation near a four-decade high, American shoppers are watching their pennies and adjusting their spending habits.” 

“You look at the prices of especially the clothes and then shoes, my gosh, shoes can be 30, 40, $50 a pair. Whereas here it’s like under $10 for each. So, it’s just a more economical way to get your clothes. And then I have friends that do the consignment, and they use their money from whatever they sold from last season to pay for next season’s clothes,” said Justine Edwards, Oklahoma City resident.  

Winslow said she saw nearly 3,000 shoppers Sunday. 

“It gives moms and dads a great way to be able to stretch their budget. You know, stretch a dollar. It goes so much further here,” said Winslow.

The average price per item, and that’s from big items all the way down to shoes, is about $4 to $5, making this a big money saver for families in need. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line so long, but I know it’s because of our economy right now and people need things more than ever. It kind of makes me choke up sometimes just thinking about the blessing to so many families in our community and how they’re able to provide and get, you know, name brand items,” said Winslow.  

An Oklahoma City mother and her mother-in-law brought a wagon to carry items.  

“Saturday, I came without one and my hands got full and I had to leave once my hands were full. So today I learned. I came back with the wagon,” said Edwards.  

As for another Oklahoma City family, they’re ready to hit the next consignment sale as it’s helping save money.  

“We’re actually going to go head up to the Norman one next month,” said Madison Henderson, Oklahoma City resident. 

NPR News also reports, “At the same time, Walmart says it’s seeing increased traffic from upper-income shoppers, who are turning to the discount chain in search of bargains.” 

Just Between Friends is a huge consignment sale for kids. It kicked off this weekend at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Pavilion Building. It will continue into this week, you can find where to get tickets here. It will be closed on Wednesday.