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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma lawmakers unanimously approved a measure that gives Oklahomans quicker access to medications prescribed by their doctor.

Right now, some insurance companies require patients to try cheaper or generic drugs for some chronic conditions, stepping up to other drugs only if the cheaper ones don’t work.

This ‘fail first’ approach can save money, but it can also make patients endure ineffective treatments.

Senate Bill 509 is now awaiting Gov. Kevin Stitt’s signature and it allows doctors to exempt patients from having to go through their step-by-step medication process.

Jenniafer Walters released a statement on behalf of the group Step Therapy Reform Coalition:

“Today is a great day for Oklahoma patients, and we applaud the Oklahoma Legislature for the bipartisan, unanimous support for Step Therapy Reform. At every step of the way – in Committee and in both Chambers – our lawmakers put patients first and we could not be more proud. We look forward to a day when patients and doctors can make decisions about the best path forward for treatment, without interference. We applaud Senator Dave Rader, and Representatives Cyndi Munson and Jon Echols for their leadership, and look forward to standing by Governor Kevin Stitt as he signs this important reform into law. We’re also proud of the 11 Senators and 28 Representatives who signed on to Step Therapy Reform legislation and thank them for their efforts.”