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OKLAHOMA CITY – A local lawyer is targeted by thieves via the encrypto virus.

Noble McIntyre is known for giving back to the community during the holidays.

This year, he was the target of criminals.

The encrypto virus was uploaded to his law firm’s servers on Tuesday night. The virus holds information for ransom, demanding payment before you have access to them.

The clock is ticking for McIntyre to pay $700 ransom to get his data back.

The same thing happened to him just a few years ago.

After installing three layers of protection, he never thought it would happen again.

“$700 ransom is what they’re hitting me for. In the scope of things, $700 is not that much money, but when you add up how many people they do this to. Sometimes it’s 700, sometimes it’s 300; it adds up to a large amount of money that they’re scamming society,” Noble McIntyre said.

The last time he was targeted, McIntyre says he called the police.

But he says that isn’t the plan this time.

He says there is not much local law enforcement can do about overseas criminals committing these types of crimes. He says he intends to pay the ransom.