OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A measure supported by the National Alliance on Mental Illness has been signed into Oklahoma law.

Earlier this week, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed  House Bill 2746 into law.

The measure creates a strict set of criteria by which the guardian of a person with a grave disability would be able to access secure transport to get their family member to the care they need.

“People experiencing serious mental illness often experience homelessness too. This bill recognizes that many unsheltered people have loved ones who want to help them access the resources they need,” Sen. Julia Kirt, (D-Oklahoma City,) said. “While we work to decriminalize living without shelter, we must expand the services available for people as they need treatment and housing. This bill takes us another step closer to the kind of community where we are fully equipped to help each other through the toughest times.”

Under HB 2746, a gravely disabled Oklahoman going through a mental health crisis would be directed to an inpatient treatment facility if they cannot take care of their own needs.