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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Republics and Democrats agreeing on undocumented worker legislation? It could be happening at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

A bill that would help undocumented workers get a state driver’s license is getting both blue and red support, partially because it could mean more green for the state.

“This will allow a lot of people to come out of the shadows,” said Latino activist, Jorge Hernandez.

SB 1591, authored by Senator Michael Brooks (D-OKC), was heard in a senate committee Monday and would allow undocumented workers in Oklahoma to get a driver’s license.

Right now, undocumented drivers cannot get a state driver’s license without a social security number. This bill would allow them to get a license with a Tax ID number.

Sen. Brooks says it would cut down on uninsured drivers as well as hit and run accidents, and says it’s endorsed by Oklahoma State Troopers.

“For law enforcement when they pull someone over, it’s a lot safer for them if they know the person that they are dealing with, if they have a state-issued ID,” said Brooks.

But lawmakers say it’s not just about public safety.

Brooks says right now, there are more than 33,000 undocumented people in Oklahoma paying some $26.6 million in state taxes.

He says this bill might encourage those not paying taxes to file in order to get a driver’s license – that’s music to some Republicans’ ears.

“Let’s get them documented as far as being drivers in the state of Oklahoma. Learn the state of Oklahoma driving laws, put them on the street and let them keep working. They are working so that means there are taxes that are going to be due the state of Oklahoma,” said Senator Bill Coleman of Ponca City.

For members of the Hispanic community, they say a bill like this would boost morale.

“It would be a huge message from the State to say that you are welcome, that we want you, that we need you. Especially in this time when we have a shortage of laborers in the state of Oklahoma,” said Hernandez.

Lawmakers know it’s rare that a bill dealing with undocumented workers would get votes from both sides of the aisle

“I think adding more people to the tax roles is something we can all agree on,” said Brooks.

Brooks says the law change would be good for people in Oklahoma on work visas as well.

SB1591 now heads to the Senate floor for debate.